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Data Diversity Matters for Robust Instruction Tuning
Alexander Bukharin, Tuo Zhao

RNR: Teaching Large Language Models to Follow Roles and Rules
Alexander Bukharin*, Kuan Wang*, Haoming Jiang, Qingyu Yin, Zhengyang Wang, Tuo Zhao, Jingbo Shang, Chao Zhang, Bing Yin, Xian Li, Jianshu Chen, Shiyang Li

Adaptive Preference Scaling for Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback
Ilgee Hong, Zichong Li, Alexander Bukharin, Yixiao Li, Haoming Jiang, Tianbao Yang, Tuo Zhao

Deep Reinforcement Learning from Hierarchical Weak Preference Feedback
Alexander Bukharin, Yixiao Li, Pengcheng He, Weizhu Chen, Tuo Zhao

Robust Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning via Adversarial Regularization: Theoretical Foundation and Stable Algorithms
Alexander Bukharin, Yue Yu, Qingru Zhang, Zhehui Chen, Simiao Zuo, Yan Li, Chao Zhang, Tuo Zhao
Accepted to NeurIPS 2023

Machine Learning Force Fields with Data Cost Aware Training
Alexander Bukharin, Tianyi Liu, Shengjie Wang, Simiao Zuo, Weihao Gao, Wen Yan, Tuo Zhao
International Conference on Machine Learning, 2023

Ambient Noise based Weakly Supervised Manhole Localization Methods over Deployed Fiber Networks
Alexander Bukharin, Shaobo Han, Yuheng Chen, Ming-Fang Huang, Yue-Kai Huang, Yao Xie, Ting Wang
Optics Express, March 2023

Adaptive Budget Allocation for Parameter-Efficient Fine-Tuning
Qingru Zhang, Minshuo Chen, Alexander Bukharin, Pengcheng He, Yu Cheng, Weizhu Chen, Tuo Zhao
International Conference on Learning Representations, 2023

PLATON: Pruning Large Transformer Models with Upper Confidence Bound of Weight Importance
Qingru Zhang, Simiao Zuo, Chen Liang, Alexander Bukharin, Pengcheng He, Weizhu Chen, Tuo Zhao
International Conference on Machine Learning, 2022

Early Detection of COVID-19 Hotspots Using Spatio-Temporal Data
Shixiang Zhu, Alexander Bukharin, Liyan Xie, Khurram Yamin, Shihao Yang, Pinar Keskinocack, and Yao Xie
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, 2022

High-resolution Spatio-temporal Model for County-level COVID-19 Activity in the US
Shixiang Zhu, Alexander Bukharin, Liyan Xie, Mauricio Santillana, Shihao Yang, and Yao Xie
ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems (TMIS), 2021

Data-Driven Optimization for Police Beat Design in South Fulton, Georgia
Shixiang Zhu, Alexander Bukharin, Le Lu, He Wang, and Yao Xie
KDD Workshop on Data Science for Social Good, 2021

Five-Year Project-Level Statewide Pavement Performance Forecasting Using a Two-Stage Machine Learning Approach Based on Long Short-Term Memory
Alexander Bukharin, Zhongyu Yang, and Yichang (James) Tsai
Transportation Research Record, 2021